Bob & Fran Dunham

Fran and Bob Dunham started their Square dancing careers with the Village Squares from Orleans, Ottawa, ON in 1981, serving as president couple of the club in 1983-84 and continued to help with new classes. In 1983, Bob and Fran commenced round dance classes with the Roundaliers Round Dance Club in Ottawa. On moving east, they joined the Codiac Square Dance Club in Moncton, NB and served as its president couple in 1985 until the club ceased operations and in 1985 joined the newly formed Club, Hoban’s Heroes Square Dance Club in Riverview and Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club. They continue to be active in both these Clubs.

In addition to club activities, Bob and Fran have been involved with South Eastern New Brunswick Square and Round Dance Association. In 1986-87, they were vice-president of the Association and for the following 5 years they were President couple (1997-1992). For 3 years, they were also presidents of the Federation of Dance Clubs of NB (1992-95). For 2 years they were the New Brunswick representatives as Directors on the Board of the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society. They had extensive involvement with the Federation publication, ” The Journal.” For several years, they held the position of editor and printer/or distributor.
This couple’s contribution to the dance world has been outstanding. They have remained involved and never hesitate to take on an executive position or other dance related tasks. In addition to their regular dancing participation over the past 16 years, they organize and assist with the class and generally help to keep Hoban’s Heroes operational.

Bob & Fran strongly support the South East Association and have worked diligently to ensure that it remained active and viable.

In 1998, the Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick presented Bob & Fran Dunham with the Distinguished Service Award. This Award was established to officially recognize Excellence, Dedication and Outstanding Achievement in the advancement of the Square Dance, Round Dance and/or Clogging activity by Dancers, Callers, Cuers and Leaders.

Even though this couple no longer hold an executive position, they are still participating at regular and special dances are always willing to take on a job, help the caller and/or new dancers and have made an outstanding contribution over the years to dance activity in New Brunswick.