Carl & Barb Jamieson

All dancers have their own unique story on how they came about to be the dancer they are today.  This couple is no exception to how they are still active in the dance community. 

Barbara Jamieson began her dancing in the early 50’s when most rural areas were hosting get together and kitchen parties with a fiddle being played and a rousing piano to go along.  Carl her dance partner joined her in the ideals of learning to square dance.  They started their lessons with Pauline Cunningham and Al Kingston at the YMCA in Fredericton where the idea of Elm Tree was born to become a club.  Carl & Barb have been dancing partners for just now 61 years this year 2019. 

Carl & Barb were like most busy raising a family, working jobs to support their families and enjoying the dancing activity as much as they could.  Barbara a school teacher starting out in Oromocto at the Elementary level and then moving on to Fredericton to McAdam Avenue School where she was instrumental in having a competitive square dance team from the school in the District Physical Education Square Dance Competition held annually.  She would work with students every day at lunch time getting them ready to compete in late May to the callings of then caller Al Kingston.  Even if her class was not successful in winning she had one first prize in her mind.  One of the many memories Barb had was when a shy young boy came through her class to be part of the team that year.  Little did she know that the little boy she was working with at age 7 would later be calling dances on the floor where her and Carl ever so gently glided so many times.

Carl & Barb have been full time members of the Elm Tree Square & Round Dance Club and as well the Oromocto Pioneers.  They later joined the Oromocto club as it was a little closer to home but still trekked into Fredericton s much as they could to support their beloved club.  Avid dancers as they are they were also long time members of the Thomist’s Club in Fredericton.  The Thomist’s Dance Club was an elite club of dancers who would gather monthly and ballroom dance to the big band sound of the Thomist’s a group that was part of the music program at St Thomas University.  While part of this group it also led them to take up round dancing as well with Capital City Rounders of Fredericton.

When you mention dancing Carl & Barb Jamieson are what many refer to as the absolute devoted to dancing.  Carl & Barb have attended all of the 57 Elm Tree Festivals despite their being some very flooded conditions over the years at their house they still made the trip in to attend.  They have danced in several parts of the province with so many clubs that no longer exist. They have travelled in the earlier years to support dancing in Maine, the Maritime Provinces and their beloved New Brunswick.

 Large supporters of different forms of dance they still held true to their roots.  Old Time Square Dancing still holds a special place in their heart.  Once the fiddle plays that first note Carl & Barb would be the first to square them up for their set of the old Polkas.  Light on their feet and love in their heart they would spend hours on the floor.  Teach someone the Caledonia?  No problem.  Dancing Friday in Upper Queenstown to Allison Inch when do we leave?  Three quarter time waltz with Thomists?  Sure.  Schottische, grand march, two step, jive, polka, waltz, squares, rounds even the chicken dance they were there to offer their help where ever possible.  They love to dance.

Carl & Barb were never one to let the grass grow under the feet. Carl a bank manager of one of the few credit unions in the province was a long standing manager.  A marker marks his accomplishment at the Progressive Credit Union Building in Fredericton and his photograph hangs ever so proudly within the bank. Barbara a retired school teacher, author of books about her beloved Sheffield NB where she grew up and still resides today. Active within their community.  Active within the dance activity.  Both very avid hunters maybe Barb more than Carl some days.  All round down to earth dedicated people to what they belong to.

We present Carl & Barbara Jamieson the Distinguished Service Award for the willingness to help whenever can and have been the biggest supporter of the dance activity as a whole.  They are what an Ambassador to Square Dancing looks like and should be honored with a Distinguished Service Award.