Charlie Holt

Charlie Holt graduated as a dancer in the spring of 1974 and started calling in the fall of the same year. In 1975 he taught his first class, a group of high school juniors. Charlie Holt became a caller for the Peti Partners and was also the caller for Kennebec Aces in Sussex from 1978-1981 and 1988-89. As we all know, the number of dancers started to drop off everywhere, but that did not deter this caller . . . he just took his club and moved it to his workshop, where he kept the floor waxed and the wood fire stoked. As stated in the nomination, “The atmosphere is always comfortable and relaxed” and “The walls are decorated with mementos, banners and photos.” Peti Partners are still dancing weekly in his workshop. Besides calling, Charlie was always ready to help new callers with their clubs and classes and was always on hand to encourage new dancers. Charlie’s success is probably best stated in his own words, “I will call as long as I can and as long as the dancers are having fun.” He believes in keeping the fun in dancing. Once again, it was an honour to present this award and top thanks him on behalf of the Federation for all he has contributed to the dance activity in NB.