Chris Ayres & Edie Hoar

Chris Ayers and Edie Hoar are well known in the Moncton area dance community. They began round dancing together in 1995 and branched out into square dancing in 1996.  Their love for dancing took them a long ways from those early dancing days to where they are today.

Chris recognized a need for a main stream dance club in the Moncton area and started teaching square dancing in 1997. Their hard work and great organizational skills came together and  the Hub City Dance Club was formed in 1998. Edie can best be described as a people person and her love for people and for dancing played a big roll in making this club successful.  This has opened a door for many people and has started them down the road to dancing.  Chris and Edie have continued to move ahead and the club is graduating new dancers almost every year.  Their class responsibilities have been taken over by another new caller and this has given them the opportunity to move out into the community.  They have been providing dance instructions and fun time dancing at Peoples Park Tower, a retirement residence in Moncton.  They also taught dancing to the students at Riverside Consolidated School and were praised for theirr efforts in this endeavor by the School Principal.

They have ventured further in the dance world and have been teaching plus level, with Edie volunteering her basement as a dance area.  They are also involved in calling for a contra dance once a month.  Chris has attended caller school on five different summers and has called at MCCA (Maritime Callers and Cuers  Dance Weekend)  for the past seven years.  They have held the office of President Couple of the South Eastern Association and have held offices in the Callers Association and MCCA.

The best words to describe Chris and Edie are “hard workers”. And we were pleased to present them with the “Distinguished Service Award”