Dirk & Marg Adamson

The Country Cousins Square Dance Club started in September 1998 and Margaret and Dirk are our Charter Members. 

Since the beginning of our club Marg and Dirk have held the position of President Couple on two different occasions.  Marg also has held the position of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  In all, she has served on the executive of the club for twelve years out of the fifteen years the club has been in existence. Dirk has also served as our Nomination Committee Chairman for a number of years.  They both also belonged to another club in the area called the Plus Tippers in Miramichi. 

Dirk has in the past and continues to make a significant contribution to our club by decorating for all the special theme nights we have throughout the year.  For example we have theme nights of Rock and Roll, Halloween, Western, Christmas, Hawaiian, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, fisherman’s, Spring Fling and other fun theme dances.  He started doing this in 1998 and continues to this day.  Dirk and our club have received many compliments over the years on how well the building has been decorated with streamers, wall hangings, cut out images of square dancers, flowers, bundles of hay, lobster traps and décor relating to the theme of the evening and I’m sure if you have visited our club you have seen and appreciated his decorations. 

Dirk’s work has made a difference for our club members and guests as it creates a wonderful atmosphere for the dancers.  Marg also assists him in carrying out his duties.  His volunteer contribution is a labour of love and takes a tremendous amount of time in order to make our square dance club a much better place for our members.  It is over and above what the regular square dancer would do. 

This couple has worked very hard to promote our club by preparing brochures and business cards that were handed out at shopping malls and local community events. They were also involved in promoting our club by participating in several demonstration dances at schools, hospitals and local community events.  They enjoy participating in the July 1st event preparing floats for the local parade.  The participated and encouraged other members to raise money for the Terry Fox Dance that was sponsored by the Fundy Wheelers for so many years who held the dance in Pennfield. 

Dirk and Marg have over the years taken pride in supporting other clubs in the province.  They also has a short stint as members of the Board for the Federation of Dance Clubs on New Brunswick, Inc.  They have attended several conventions over the years. They have attended the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Conventions in Saint John in 2002, Montreal in 2006, Halifax in 2010 and Ottawa in 2014.  They have also attended many of the Maritime Square & Round Dance Conventions in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Also while there was a club in Bathurst and Dalhousie Dirk and Marg made several trips to support and encourage them. 

Marg is well known for writing rhyme and verses for special dance occasions in which she would mention different traits of our members.  Everybody loved to hear her recitals.    Marg also ensures that everyone gets up on the floor to dance even if she has to take the part of dancing as man.  They also hosted dancers at their home by having square dance activities in their yard along with good food and a number of dancers would park their travel trailers in the door yard and spend the night along with those who stayed in the house.  The door is always open to accommodate dancers and friends.  Our club along with Dirk and Marg have been known to put on a few skits through the years. Dirk and Marg always took part in the planning and the execution of these great plays and fun events. 

After reading the list of accolades you should be aware as we are, that our club and the square dance community at large has truly benefited from this couple’s hard work and dedicated contributions. 

The Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick, Inc was very pleased to award this deserving couple with the award.