Don & Clare Jones

This couple began their dancing career in 1976 when they graduated from the Elm Tree Squares of Fredericton and danced with that club till they were transferred to Moncton in 1976. From 1976 till 1997 they did not have the time to dance until they again joined the Hub City Square Dance Club and were given their club badges in November of 1998. They certainly did not stop there they then graduated from the Charlie’s Angels Round Dance club in 2000. They have supported both clubs actively and continuously ever
since. They have also joined Hoban’s Heroes Plus Level club and have been active members for several years.

In this couple’s 10 plus years of dancing in the Moncton area they have done a lot of work to support the activity. They served in the Vice President-President-Past President cycle for the Hub City Square Dance Club from 1999-2002 and for Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club from 2005-2008. They have been Secretary Couple for Hoban’s Heroes since 2007 and have been making weekly announcements for the President for the past 3 years. They were Treasurer Couple for the SENB Association for 1999-2000. They
served on the Executive of the Federation of Dance Clubs of NB, Inc for six years including two as President. They have been official photographer for Charlie’s Angels for various periods.

They did not only stop here they also were in charge of Refreshments for the Wheelchair Dancers at the National convention in Saint John in 2002. They have taken these offices seriously and worked conscientiously to advance the cause. In addition, they have attended the MCCA Conventions, many of the special dances held in their area as well as throughout NB and the rest of
the Maritimes, either in their official capacities at the time or simply as regular dancers. During the lead up to the National Convention in 2002 they were also on hand to help pack registration kits, as well as getting the numerous boxes to Saint John.

They have even tried their hand at cuing on Amateur Nights and are always game to help in skits or other entertainment. When you ask for people to bring door prizes, or the cakes and cookies for nights when only a few are needed you can always count on this couple. In short, they have really stepped up to the plate and have shown a high level of commitment of both their time and energy over the comparatively short time they have been dancing. This is especially notable since he is still actively employed as well — a comparatively rare situation in our clubs these days. We feel that Don & Clare Jones indeed are worthy candidates for this award.