Ed & Ruth Garnett

This marvelous couple began their dancing career in 1969 when they graduated from Oromocto Pioneer’s first class. They were President couple in 1970-71 and continually since then worked to improve our activity to the fullest. They were leaders who brought square dancing to the whole family by starting a teen group. This family tradition continues with the return to dancing of their daughter, Deborah and her husband Henry in the fall of 1996 and the graduation of their grandson, Nicholas, in 1997.

The most important of all their contributions is their weekly support. They are always willing to help the new class members and to welcome newcomers to the club. They also spread their cheer by travelling throughout the Province supporting other clubs. Their future plans include the National Convention in Ottawa. They are also active supporters of Convention 2002 in New Brunswick.

Throughout the years, Ed & Ruth have promoted the true spirit of Square Dancing: Friendliness, Fun and Fellowship.