George & Joan Peabody

George & Joan Peabody have danced for 24 years, graduating in 1977 with the Mountain Ridge Stars and have never looked back. They have also been members of the Moncton Merritimers, Hoban’s Heroes, Codiac Squares and Southern “A” Squares. They have also been Round Dancing since 1980-81, starting with the Meri Lites and are now members of Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club. They were the Round Dance Class coordinators for 10 years and Square Dance Class coordinators for 5 years. They were always there whenever dancers needed help. They didn’t just do the “fun stuff”, but were Secretary-Treasurer for their Round Dance Club for 3 years, Treasurer of a Square Dance Club and lunch coordinators almost forever. They worked on the Committee that drew up the constitution for the Southeastern Association. They have participated in several MCCA Conventions and there is rarely a special dance anywhere within a couple of hours drive that they don’t attend. They are always ready to take part in demos for promoting the dance activity, for entertaining for Seniors groups or nursing homes. As was stated in their nomination, “This couple have enjoyed the activity so much that they say they will continue as long as they are able and will promote the activity wherever possible.”

On behalf of the Federation, as President couple we are honoured to present this Award to George and Joan and thank them for all they have contributed to the Dance activity in NB.