Les & Rose Carolyn Smith

Les & Rose Carolyn started dancing in the early 70’s, while the rage to dance was just beginning in the Fredericton area with so few clubs present. They started classes at Garden Creek School, with the club Shoot’n Stars, under the direction of caller, Mark Keays, which saw them, graduate in the Spring of 1975.

In 1976, as President Couple, they danced many times a week within in the area, which included specials hosted by various clubs in the area:   Fredericton Elm Tree Square Dance Club, Harvey Honey Bears, Barkers Point Swingers, Woodstock Wheelers, Estey’s Bridge Royal Stars, Saint John Beaus and Belles, Nackawic Headpond Twirlers, Oromocto Pioneers, etc.  They went on to be part of the Fredericton Plus and Advance Group, known as the Keays ‘Workshoppers, under Mark Keays, until his retirement.  They continued to dance using tapes under the direction of Bill Clarke and eventually became known as the ACE Squares.    During their time with ACE Squares, they also dabbed a little into Challenge Level Dancing as well, but this was using tapes.  A short stint some might say, but always up to the challenge, they continue to dance from Basic to Advance 2 Levels today.

It seems that they could not keep a club caller, for with Bill’s retirement and move to Sussex, they were fortunate to have Gerry O’Hara form an Advanced Dancing Group, called the Fredericton A Workshoppers, dancing in the Nashwaaksis Arena.  They gradually tapered down to one square at Estey’s Bridge Recreation Hall.

With the folding of the Shoot’n Stars Club, due to the caller’s retirement, and looking to continue their dancing and obtaining more exercise, plus having so many choices, they made the decision to travel to Oromocto to dance on Monday nights, under caller, Gerry O’Hara, which fit their schedule the best.  This was in 2003, and they have been very faithful supporters of the club and remain to do so today.  They have served on the club executive as Club Treasurers, first from 2006-2008 and now, 2016-2018.

Like many other facets of dance life, this couple would not only dance within the walls or borders of the Fredericton dance scene.  They were introduced to the MASDA (Montreal Area Square Dance Association) Annual Convention resulting in three (3) wonderful summer weekends.  They attended their first Canadian National Square Dance Convention, in 1978 in Edmonton, and with this summer’s attendance in London will make their 10th bi-annual event.  They have attended several MCCA conventions as well as, several New England Square and Round Dance conventions.

Les & Rose Carolyn have danced in the United States as well as at a London Club, in Britain.  As for within Canada, they have, so far, managed to dance in 9 of the 10 Canadian provinces.

Presently, they dance with the East Coast A’s, an advance group with caller, Ron Lowe. They occasionally dance with Washademoak Swingers, Cambridge Narrows.  They give of their time and joy of dancing, by attending demos held at Nursing Homes, community events as well as special dances within the area.  It can be said, that if there is a dance to be held, one will more than likely see this couple there.  Of course, it being a family affair now with their daughter dancing, it motivates them more than ever to dance on a weekly basis.

Great ambassadors for the activity as whole, you will not find.  Where ever they travel, their love of dancing is front and center and always willing to help where they can.

Rose Carolyn is very busy outside the dancing world, with church, IODE and a tutor which she, and daughter, (Leanne) accommodate inside their home.  Les, a newly retired Fredericton lawyer, is now enjoying life a little more.  No matter where you see this couple, whether together or not, no matter time of day, a simple good morning, will open one’s eyes to the dedication and love these two have for square dancing.