Al & Helen Kingston

  • Square Dancing and square dance calling became part of this gentleman’s life in the fall of 1955. Square Dancing was being taught at the Y by Pauline Cunningham.
  •  In 1962 he became a charter member of the Elm Tree Squares. He has been the official caller for this club since that time. He has instructed all but seen classes of new dancers.
  •  In 1963, he became the caller at the Royal Stars Square Dance Club at Esteys Bridge.
  •  Al has not only called to records, but also to live music.
  •  He has called in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, the New England States, British Columbia and England.
  •  He has been a member of the Maritime Caller Association, the New England Callers Association.
  •  He has used his calling abilities to entertain at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, York Manor Nursing Home, the Villa in Stanley, Pine Grove Nursing Home.
  •  He has always been willing to do demonstrations to promote square dancing and to encourage others to take part.
  •  In Nov. 1995, Al was in inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  •  Al and Helen are avid supporters of Convention 2002. Al choreographed the calls for the Square Dance Convention Song. Helen and Al went to the National Convention in Vancouver in 2000 to promote Convention 2002 and to take part in NB’s Program inviting all dancers to Convention 2002 in Saint John.
  •  Al prepared and presented the Showcase of Squares for Convention 2002.
  •  Helen & Al are always out supporting the special party dances of the local clubs.
  •  We would like to thank Helen for her patience and support which has allowed Al to be so heavily involved in this great dance activity.

A special thank you goes out to Nan Leger and Al & Helen Kingston for their outstanding contribution to the dance activity as a whole.