Beth & John Dickinson

Beth and John Dickinson graduated into the Square dance world in 1978.  Since then they have remained enthusiastic square dancers attending dances in Nova Scotia and NB.  Shortly after getting involved in Square Dancing they decided to try their hand at round dancing. They joined a class run by Ron and Vi Walker in Moncton and graduated in 1981.  They then moved on to Charlie’s Angles round dance club. Their ambition in dancing didn’t stop there so they started a round dance club in Amherst and graduated their first class in 1984. This club, the Border Rounders, is still active and enjoys their cueing.

In 1996 Charlie’s Angels round dance club in Moncton needed a cuer, and you gussed it, this couple stepped in and took on the task. We still enjoy their cuing.  Now we have cuers who are looking after two clubs, one in Amherst and one in Moncton.  This involves a lot of travelling but they are always there unless we cancel due to bad weather.  They also cue any special dances we have in Moncton and they have cued dances in many other locations.

They belong to the NB and NS Round Dance Leaders Association and are always actively involved in MCCA. They belong to Roundalab, and have attended, and cued dances at many of our National Conventions.

They are great teachers and are well liked by new class people and regular dancers. They continue to hone their their skills in teaching and in cuing by attending clinics in Canada and USA.  They have choreographed  several dances which have proven popular with all club members. They are quick to say yes when asked to drive from Amherst to Moncton to put on a demo.  They always wear a smile and are a funloving couple on the dance floor.  They are always willing to take part in skits, Halloween dances and any other special events.

It is energetic dancers like this couple that keep the dance world in motion.