Betty Mitham

Betty Mitham

Betty was and still is a true stalwart of the square dance community, actively dancing for close to 30 years.  Betty and her husband graduated from the Ties & Frills Square Dance Club, Grand Bay, NB in 1991.  After graduating, this new graduate couple wasted no time hitting the roads and attended the National Square and Round Dance Convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1992.  They lived in Montreal for a time, and here, they danced at MASDA conventions in Montreal for many years. They have danced at the Canadian National Conventions from coast to coast.  They both have supported and attended MCCA Conventions and club specials in all three Maritime Provinces and the New England States.  Shortly after the Montreal National Convention in 2006, Betty lost her loving husband, but continues to dance and support the various clubs and associations.

Betty along with her husband Walter were a big part of the successful Convention 2002 in Saint John.  They were the Finance Chair.  Ow many might say Walter was the brains behind this very daunting task of the Convention but if there ever was a question to be asked about an expenditure or where this money was spent it was Betty who always seemed to have the answer readily available.  A great team they were, and it shows even though she is a team of one today she is a power force to reckoned with no matter what task she takes on.

Betty has been active in holding various positions with Ties and Frills and Hampton Hoedowners.   Betty held the executive position of Treasurer for several terms and did a remarkable job.  In addition to being Treasurer, Betty has headed the Kitchen committee, keeping us tidy, organized and well fed which she held for several years.

In 2011, Betty along with 3 other couples was instrumental in reviving the New Year’s Eve dance in the local area.  Now in its 8th year, has become very popular with square dancers throughout the area.  Two years ago, for the New Year’s Eve Ball, Betty sold tickets at the door with her son at her side.  Once again, at the end of the evening, Betty was tidying up around the kitchen and her son was elbows deep in the water, washing the dishes.  “It is easy to see that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree”.  Yes, what a great mom too!!!!!!

Betty is always eager to help, whether it is greeting new and experienced dancers at the door, helping to prepare food when making Sloppy Joes, or while heading out the door, seeing someone needing help to fold a tablecloth, etc., stops and turns back and gives a helping hand.

Flying solo these days, but through personal adversity and health ailments, Betty perseveres and has prevailed in dancing, thus, promoting the activity of dancing by support local clubs, a couple times a week in Fairvale and Sussex.

One thing that many can say about Betty is that family and her community are her life.  She is busy with her family even though they may be near or far from her, she is active helping in her community when the need arises.  She is active in her church and always the first to lend that helping hand.  She is a pinnacle of what dedication really looks like in todays society. 

Betty has been called a sporty, outgoing naturalist and is now the eldest member of the Hampton Hoedowner’s Square Dance club.  One thing is for sure she does not let her age slow her down much.  One would never be able to guess that she is a wonderful age of _____? Do you think we were going to reveal that, but I am sure she would share with you as I many would think she is just as proud of that life achievement like all her aspirations in life she has accomplished?  Hampton Hoedowners and any club for that fact is blessed to have such an active member.

We congratulate Betty Mitham for being this years Federation of Dance Clubs of NB’s Distinguished Service Award.