Bill & Phyllis Clarke

Bill (WS) and Phyllis started dancing with Elm Tree Squares over 30 years ago. In 1969 Bill started calling squares as well. He was the caller for numerous clubs over the years, including Shootin’ Stars (Garden Creek), Fredericton Junction, Royal Stars (Estey’s Bridge), and Guys & Gals (Gagetown). Even after he “retired” and moved to Sussex, Bill travelled to Fredericton to call for his clubs. Bill took his dancers to entertain at nursing homes and hospitals. For several years he worked with students on the UNB campus who wished to learn our great activity. Before retiring from calling, he spent many nights teaching his craft to others. One of his students, Terry Hebert, is currently calling for Guys & Gals, Woodstock Wheelers and Town and Country Squares. Bill must be very proud of Terry. There were others who were well known in the Fredericton area a few years ago. They are still active square dancers, joining regularly with Gagetown Guys & Gals and acting as co-leaders with the Southern “A” Squares of Moncton. He still devotes a lot of his time to community work with the Kiwanis Club, choirs and bands and still entertains at nursing homes, hospitals and benefit dances.

Thank you Bill and Phyllis, for your contributions to the continued success of our square dance activity.