Cyril & Glendine Webster

About 10 years ago, Cyril & Glendine graduated with the Hub City Dancers.  Then they got into Round Dance and graduated with Charlie’s Angels.  Since then, they have done some dancing with Hoban’s Heroes Plus Dance club.  They spent a year as treasurer couple for the Hub City Dance Club, publicity couple for Charlie’s Angels and, for a total of six years, they served on the Board of Directors for the Federation of Dance Clubs of NB (including three years as President Couple). They served as a Director Couple for the National Convention in 2002 and have attended all National Conventions since then. This couple have danced in all Canadian provinces except Newfoundland and Saskatchewan.

Glendine was involved in the design and production of the new banner for the Southeastern Square and Round Dance Association, and they both worked in a joint effort by the Federation for equitable and effective distribution of the profits generated by Convention 2002.  They were involved as committee members, along with all board members, in producing a plan to attract and retain new dancers.  They actively took part in policy developement to provide hearing enhancement equipment to NB clubs.

Cyril and Glendine worked for the advancement of Square Dance by distributing brochures and taking part in dance demonstrations at the annual “Freedom after 50” Seniors’ Expo at the Moncton Agrena.