Darrell & Eldora Thomas

This couple attended their first square dance at the Elm Tree Square Dance Club in September 1976, graduating in April 1977 and have been full time dance members since graduating. Being true lovers of Square Dancing and feeling the close knit fellowship of square dance club members, They continue to dance even when his work took him to the United States.

They have been President Couple with the Elm Tree Square and Round Dance Club on 3 occasions, as well this couple has held every Committee position with the exception of Caller Committee. In addition to serving on various committees and holding various executive positions they have found time to participate in demonstration dances on many occasions, including dancing at Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Rehabilitation centers for the entertainment of patients and staff.

In order to try and attract young dancers and create future interest in square dancing they danced at Minto Elementary School and Fredericton High School. Their active participation and their leadership by taking part in all aspects of the local square dance club has been an inspiration to other members and has resulted in new dance members taking active roles, not only by attending weekly club dances, but assuming executive and committee duties.

They have been very supportive of new dancers and their encouragement for these dancers has often been acknowledged. They have a way to make new dancers comfortable while in a square and guide in a gentle and professional manner. They are quick to assure new dancers that all dancers no matter how long they have been dancing have gone through this learning curve, they have always remembered what it was like to be a new dancer.

This couple has served on the board of the Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick as Secretary Couple for six years. They have served as president couple of the local Central zone Association, She is an artist and has donated several of her paintings to support fund raising for the Elm Tree Square and Round Dance Club, She is an accomplished seamstress and has made at least 100 square dance outfits since 1977.

For nearly 32 years of square dancing they have demonstrated the fraternal spirit of the square dance community. No matter where they have gone in Canada or the United States they have continued to be actively involved in this Endeavour.

They always make time in their busy schedules to promote Square Dancing and assist in any manner they can.