Faye & Jerry Germon

Faye and Jerry started square dancing in 1997 with the Hub City Dance Club in Moncton with Chris Ayers, they graduated in 1998.  They were very active members of the club and were president couple in 2001.  They wanted to improve their dancing skills so travelled to Petitcodiac to learn plus dancing with the Peti Partners with Charlie Holt.  Faye thought she would like to become a caller and did a few tips at Hub City.

In 2002, Faye attended Alguire Memorial Callers School for a week in Masstown, NS and continued to attend the school until 2016.  Faye is a member of the New Brunswick Callers Association and was secretary of the association.  They have attended MECCA for many years and Faye has called at many levels of dancing at MECCA.  They are also active in MECCA and were members of The Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick where they served as directors for 3 years.  Faye also took part in the convention in Halifax.  Faye has called at many dances in the area as a guest caller, also has for years has held 2 dances for beginner dancers in Mount Whatley, NB.  Faye is always striving to improve her dancing skills and is registered to attend a course called Women in Calling Institute in April 2019 being held in Richmond, Virginia, USA.  They are also registered for the Convention in BC in 2020.

Faye and Jerry became our caller couple at Hoban’s Heroes in September 2015 when our caller retired, our club is a plus club.  Faye always arrives at our dances well prepared with great music and good calls.  Faye has an excellent personality and is a very positive and happy person.  We have 2 couples that travel a long distance weekly to dance with us.  Faye enjoys doing some different calls.  She has great appropriate music for our special dances.  We have one new member couple that has joined our club.  Jerry is her driver and sound man; and, encourages her in her calling, always there to help as well willing to step in to dance when needed.

We think we are very fortunate to have this couple as our caller couple; they make the evening enjoyable and would like to see them recognized for their dedication they have to dancing.

Faye and Jerry are also caller couple in Amherst, NS for Cumberland Twirlers Club, travelling over an hour each way. They are a mainstream club.  Faye started calling in Amherst in 2010 when their caller retired.  They are a very active club doing lots of dances at special care homes, public functions and fund raising which Faye and Jerry willingly attend.  She has graduated over 30 individual dancers since she has joined their club. Faye also is helping a new caller from their club, lending equipment and music; and, with her encouragement he attended callers school.

Faye was born in Bathurst, NB and moved to Boundary Creek when she was 12 and graduated from Salisbury High School.  Jerry was born in Fredericton and moved to Allison, graduating from Moncton High School.  Faye and Jerry married in 1966.  They have 2 children, 3 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  Faye worked at an insurance company in Moncton until she retired; and, Jerry worked at the CNR in Moncton until he retired.

They are both active in their community and Steeves Memorial United Church – holding many positions including stewards and trustees for Jerry, for Faye – Sunday School leader, Elder and they also sang in the choir until their church closed.  They are now members of Mount Royal United Church in Moncton.  Faye was also a member of The East End Food Bank and on the management team for many years.

Faye and Jerry are active in the NB Antique Car Association, having travelled across Canada with their antique car with a group of antique car lovers.  They are also active in the Studebaker car club, Jerry having restored 3 antique cars.