Frank & Sharon McCallum

Frank & Sharon McCullum

Frank and Sharon started their square dancing debut in the late ‘90’s with caller John Rathburn and his lovely wife, Barbara, graduating in 1999 from the Fundy Wheelers Club, Pennfield, New Brunswick.  They are currently dancing and are members of Town & Country Square Dance Club.

This couple has been active participants in the Club and continue to do so to this day.  They have held the positions of Presidents, Vice President, Treasurers, etc. for Town and County Squares.  Frank and Sharon have helped recruit dancers and promote the art of dancing to the general public by participating in dance demonstrations in the local area.  They have also attended many Maritime Square and Round Dance Conventions.

Frank and Sharon also hold the positions of Southwestern Association Treasurers, Federation Secretary Couple and Federation Board Directors.  They have also been part of the organizing committees for two Canadian National Square and Round Dance Conventions (2002 in Saint John and the latest one in 2022 in Fredericton).  Part of their duties for 2002, involved making road signs, selling raffle tickets and helping out wherever they were needed, not ones to be idle.

As for the 2022 Convention, they held the position of Publicity Chair Couple and Decorating Committee Chairs.  The publicity was a huge portfolio which included but not limited to advertising, newsletter publication, website, Facebook, media relations, banner parade, souvenir book, opening/closing ceremonies and photography.  As one can see, their involvement was a huge and led to a very successful convention.  Decorating for the convention was not an easy task, as thinking outside “the box” had to be used.  They contacted all clubs and were able to gather decorations from them.  Frank, without assistance made the Kitchen Party decorations.

Sharon has also been part of the publication and distribution of the Journal for the Federation and continues to do so.  Many years of hard work and time has been spent and still continues, on the Journal making sure all entries received are correct and in the right format prior to sending it for publication.

Frank and Sharon were great ambassadors and promoters of the Terry Fox Campaign and continue to do so to this day.  They assisted in organizing Terry Fox Dance’s for cancer research on a yearly basis along side John & Barb Rathburn and several other members in the Saint John area. They have gone to the majority of the clubs in the Maritimes, if not all of them, promoted this great cause. Over the years of having these dances, an excess of $100,000.00 dollars was raised.  All dancers, leaders and callers who attended the dances, always appreciated Franks’ leftovers.

They both have attended several dance functions through out the years no matter where they may travel.  Florida, New England, across Canada wherever there is a dance they will make every effort to attend and give it a try.  Sharon may even joke that she does not always have the ability to dance every tip but Frank never seems to have a hard time finding a woman to dance with.  Some may even say he has travelled with a few spare ladies to a dance or two around the Maritimes to make sure he had all kinds of dance options.

There are many more contributions that are not likely mentioned above, but the ones mentioned have not only been carried out, but in many cases, they continue to do so.

With all of this, they are always very supportive of the leaders, callers and dancers and their contributions are greatly appreciated.

They are a very valuable couple to our Club and the Square Dancing movement in general.