Garfield & Eleanor Dee

Garfield and Eleanor Dee had been dancing for over 20 years and have worked hard at the grass roots level to keep dancing on the move.

They graduated from Elm Tree Squares dance club in 1984 where they learned dancing from caller Gerald O’Hara.  They danced with this clubfor 2 years and then went to Oromocto to dance with friends. They have held offices in the Oromocto Pioneer Square Dance Club for many years.  They were Treasurer for four years, Secretary for two years and have held the position of president for the past two years.

They continued to be great public relations people for square dancing in the province of  New Brunswick. They promoted dancing wherever they might be in the community and surrounding area.  They were key people in taking others to dances and in organizing bus trips to Woodstock, Miramichi and St. John.  As a result of their taking a personal interest in people who came to the dance club, and making many telephone calls, the Club in Oromocto has grown fom three squares to five and six squares.

Although Eleanor had been gravely ill for a long while, she remained actively involved with Garfield in organizing events for club members. They were a driving force behind the club decorating committee for convention 2002 in Saint John.  She made all the outfits for the dancers that were used for decorations in the round dance hall.

They have attended several MCCA conventions,  USA National Conventions, and New England Conventions.

We presented this award at  the dance  with great joy and also much sadness because Eleanor Dee had passed away shortly before the awards ceremony.
We know, however,  that Garfield was pleased to receive this award from the Federation which is inscribed with both their names, on Eleanor’s behalf.