Jim & Pat McLean

This couple graduated from Square Dancing in 1982 — traveled to many provinces and the U.S.A. and have danced at special dances and conventions.
Jim started calling in 1990. He and Patti attended Callers Schools in Nova Scotia and U.S.A. They have called for many occasions—whether it was to entertain seniors or demos at exhibitions, in malls, parades, churches, etc.

Some of their calling was done in swimming areas, bowling alleys and also calling on the ferry going back from the MCCA convention in P.E.I. Pat attended many Caller trainings with Jim. She tried her hand at calling and taught class in the past ten years and called at MCCA conventions as well. In early years they danced four or five nights a week. They have served on numerous boards and committees willing to try new ways to promote square dancing.
They call weekly for their own club, called a year for the Sussex club. He traveled to St. Stephen a number of times to fill in for that club after the death of their caller, Sydney Bridges.

All through the 1990’s they called, held parties and hosted caller workshops for the NB callers Association in an old building they converted to a dance hall behind their house. This was widely known as “the little school house”. Many activities were held there free of charge. It became the place to hold dance meetings and A1 classes, NB Callers caller meetings and Southwest Association meetings and parties for members of MCCA. They have served on several positions over the years and have finished holding the office of Secretary Couple for NB Callers 2006-2008.

They are presently on the board of the Southwestern Association, served as Directors of Support and Services for Convention 2002. They were part of the planners and hosting two square dance bus tours—one to Nashville and one to Missouri. They attended 20 of the MCCA conventions. They both call basic levels up to and including A1 dancing. They have taught minors for over 25 years.

Both Jim and Pat are well deserving of this honour.