Nan Leger

  • Has supported the dance activity since her graduation in 1977
  •  Over the years she has danced with the Merritimers Square Dance Club. But didn’t stop there, she supported all the dance clubs in the surrounding areas.
  • Graduated from Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club in Moncton in 1978. She has round danced continuously since that time at both of its weekly dances as well as their party dances and those of many other Round Dance Clubs.
  •  Attended most weekend Round Dance Festivals throughout the Maritimes
  •  Attended many MCAA Conventions, most MASDA Conventions, even the one in Bermuda
  •  Attended the 1982 National Square & Round Dance Convention in Halifax
  •  Has line danced weekly since 1996
  •  Besides dancing, she has held various executive positions, including President, Secretary-Treasurer for Charlie’s Angels. She has also chaired and or served on several other Committees. “She always seems to be there when something needs to be done, always ready to ‘take her turn’ or ‘lend a hand’ with floats, demos, etc.”
  •  She was always there to help the cuers with the new classes.
  •  Actively supported Charlie & Rolla Ross and other leaders in getting Round Dancing incorporated into the MCCA Program.
  •  Joint historian for Charlie’s Angels for the past 15 years
  •  Publisher, Circulation Manager an part-time proof reader for The Journal since the spring of 1998
  •  Has served the NB Southeastern Square & Round Dance Association in several capacities on the executive, helping to organize different functions.
  •  For several years she has hosted the Friday night dinner for the visiting cuers and local leaders attending Charlie’s Angels Fall Festival Weekends
  •  She was the Director of Registration and Administration at Convention 2002.

In summary a quote from the nomination, “Friends in the dance community who have known her for many years describe has as one of the best ambassadors for dance they know, supporting the concept of combined square and round dances, ‘talking it up’ at every opportunity, always trying to promote the movement’s growth.”