Reg & Marjorie Henderson

Reg and Mariorie Henderson started dancing in Montreal in 1972 but have been dancing in NB since 1977. Over the years they have been member of the Codiac Squares, Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club, Beaus & Belles, etc. This couple served at the executive levels of many organizations, i.e. Secretary-Treasurer of Charlie’s Angels, Presidents of the Southeastern Association, Committee Chairs, etc. They were always around to lend a helping-hand whenever and wherever their help was needed. Their home was always open to plan and/or hold off-season social events, build floats, practice for demos or get any other club project rolling. Their home also was offered as a “home-away-from-home” for visiting callers, cuers or dancers.

Their most recent contribution was to Convention 2002. They became Committee Chair Couple of the Badges & Ribbons Committee. They also took on a significant part of the work of the Registration Committee. They assumed the responsibility for assembling, stuffing, filing, storing and delivery to site of the 3000 registration packets. They organized work parties to assemble pins and badges, fold thousands of dance programs, label, stuff and file the registration packages. They arranged transportation for the many boxes of registrations to Saint John and were instrumental in the distribution of the registration packages to the visiting dancers.

Beyond all their many achievements, we have all come to know this couple for their friendship and their enthusiasm. Wherever they go, they promote dancing as a way of life, as a way to have fun, make friends and stay healthy. On behalf of the Federation of Dance Clubs and all NB dancers, thank you for your outstanding contribution to the NB dance community as a whole.