Rheal & Isabel Fournier

Rheal & Isabel Fournier

Let’s take a step back in time when a young couple came into our dance hall and lit up the room with their warm smiles.

This enthusiastic couple joined the Country Cousins Square Dance Club and began square dancing in October 2010. They also joined the Miramichi Plus Tippers Square Dance Club and learned the plus program.

Their dancing levels included basic, mainstream and plus. During their time of dancing, Rheal and Isabelle served in the club leadership capacities of Vice-Presidents, Presidents and Past Presidents. Rheal and Isabelle also joined the Board of Directors of the Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick, Inc and held the position of Treasurer Couple from 2014 to 2022. They were also on the organizing committee for the 22nd National Square and Round Dance Convention in Fredericton, until he had to step down due to health issues.

They helped recruit dancers and promoted dancing to the general public by participating in dance demonstrations at high schools, Canada Day July 1st events in the Miramichi, shopping malls, Miramichi hospital and even in their garage. They supported dancer development by serving as Angels for new members.

Isabelle and Rheal also participated in non-club events such as conventions and dance events outside of their home club such as attending Maritime Square Dance Conventions and having danced at every club in New Brunswick, as well as, many clubs in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

One half of the couple enjoyed telling stories and/or jokes during intermissions at his home club. Some were pretty good!!!. They are a fun loving couple who contributed to our club theme dances, Christmas parties, special dances and club fundraising by participating in making and selling apple pies for a number of years.

This couple were great promoters of the Terry Fox Dance for cancer research and have attended all square dances associated with it. In our local club, Rheal and Isabelle organized a large yard sale—–sold hot dogs, hamburgers, doughnuts, etc raising over $1,000.00 from one event. It was a significant contribution from a small club and we have contributed to this cause over the years.

Outside of Rheal’s square dance activities, he was a school teacher, who was very active, with the support of Isabelle, his loving wife, in promoting the talents of young performers in the education of dance, playing and conducting music with the Miramichi Regional Music Festival for 23 years and 20 years with New Brunswick Federation of Music Festivals and The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals.

They are very active members in their community through the Church and other organizations in fundraising and other events to help promote a sense of a warm and caring community.
Very active promoters and great ambassadors for square dancing. This couple is very deserving of this award and we, Country Cousins are proud to nominate Rheal and Isabelle.