Rolla & Charlie Ross

The second award was presented to Rolla & Charlie Ross, former leaders of Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club, Moncton. Rolla & Charlie have been involved in both square and round dancing for more than forty years. In 1964, they moved from BC, where they learned to dance, to Fort Smith, NWT, where they organized a Square & Round Dance Club. While in the north they were also active in Association activities and were the only couple from their area to dance on the Centennial train back in 1967. In 1973 they moved to Ottawa where they continued to dance and upgrade their skills. They moved to Moncton in 1975 and quickly became active square dancers in several area clubs. Filling a void here, they founded Charlie’s Angels Round Dance Club and were its cuer-leaders for twenty years watching it grow to one of the largest in eastern Canada. Over the years they served on the executives of several clubs, been Round Dance leaders, were a driving force behind forming the NB Round Dance Leaders Association and to having round dancing incorporated into the MCAA Convention program and have participated as leaders at several local, Canadian and international conventions. They are members of Roundalab and have been very supportive of the work done by their local Association as well as the Federation. Rolla and Charlie have now retired to their native PEI but often return to dance with their NB friends.

It is indeed an honour to present our award to Rolla and Charlie Ross in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the dance activity in NB and in Canada as a whole.