Ruth and Laurel Lawrence

Records of persons involved in square dancing in the Fredericton area indicate that Laurel Lawrence was involved as far back at 1956-57.  Ruth’s name also appears with her maiden name on that list.  They recently celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary and have been involved in square and round dancing for the majority of those years.  They graduated with the Class of 1976.  Since that time they have served in almost every capacity with the Club, including secretary, treasurer(multiple years), lunch committee, cleanup, organizing special events.  Their home became “decorations central” to prepare for special events.  They are a couple who are always involved helping in their own quiet way.

Ruth is an accomplished seamstress and has made special attire for them to wear.  Laurel’s work in the electronics field has been called on many times to service caller’s square dance equipment.

They regularly attend club dances and have attended many special dances, festivals, and traveled to support square dance activities throughout New Brunswick, the Maritimes and New England.  They helped with the National Convention in Saint John.  Ruth’s 10-year involvement with The Journal certainly stands out as testimony for her desire to keep the activity alive and to be promoted as widely as possible.

Public promotional dances have always found Ruth and Laurel as willing participants, and some of these events come about through her suggestions.  Certainly there is the aspect of public promotion with the hope of recruiting new members and, on the other side, Ruth and Laurel have been faithful participants with the group who show up faithfully at local nursing homes for entertainment for the residents.

Ruth and Laurel are involved in their church and other community activities as well.  Ruth continues a long commitment to Girl Guides, serving with the Provincial Organization.

For these reasons, we wish to nominate Ruth and Laurel Lawrence to be recognized by the Federation’s Distinguished Service Award.