Sonny & Erma Black

You have all heard it said that to make any organization work, you must be prepared to put more into it than you expect to receive in benefits. If ever any couple typifies this statement, it is Sonny and Erma Black. They are a fun loving couple and are always ready to help in any way they can. Sonny and Erma have been dancing for many years, in fact, they started in 1980.  They were so enthusiastic that they helped form the Sackville club “The Tantramar Twirlers”.  This was a great move for the Sackville area and the club remains, not only a dance club, but a social outing for its members.

As we said earlier they are always ready to help, and were club secretary for many years. After the Secretary job they did not stop here but were elected Vice President Couple in 1992. They were moving handier the top each year and were President Couple  from 1992 to 1997.  They still could not be held back and they became President Couple again 2001-02. And as you all know we always have plenty of work for workers in the dance community. Sonny and Erma then decided they would try their hand at Federation work. They became Directors of the Federation of Dance Clubs of NB and played an active roll on the board as well as serving a term as Vice President Couple.

Looking for other challenges, they were Vice President and President Couple of the South Eastern Association.  You all remember the Convention 2002 in St. John and all the work involved, well, Sony and Erma also played an active role helping in any way they could, while being Group Chair Couple of Registration. Filling positions in our organization may not seem like much to some but anyone who has been involved knows that it is not only attending meetings but countless hours at home making posters, working on the computer, and last but not least, preparing great lunches for the special dances.

Today Sonny and Erma  are active members of Tantramar Twirlers, Hoban’s Heroes, and if that is not enough, honorary members of the NB-NS Border Rounders. They are well known to most dancers in New Brunswick, and it was a pleasure to present them with the “Distinguished Service Award”.